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Wilkens' Client Wins GOLD LEVEL WSIB Small Business Award

On Thursday, November 25th, 2021 our client Tara Natural Foods won the Gold Level Prize during A Celebration of Health and Safety: The WSIB Small Business Awards!


Rudy from Tara Natural Foods has been working with us since 1997, and is an active member of our Health and Safety Excellence program. They have shown an exceptional commitment to the health and safety culture at their business, particularly in how they adapted to the pandemic. During the live broadcast of the event, which we will share later on, Rudy and his team went deeper into the measures they took, and mentioned an important point...

"Progress is made in small steps".


It's so true. Many small but crucial steps, especially during these difficult times, add up to one healthy and safe workplace!

Congratulations to Rudi, Charlotte and the whole team on this great achievement and their dedication to health and safety. Learn more here:


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