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What Makes Us Different?

Since 2003, local firms have been working to reduce injuries and incidents at their workplace by participating in our Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community (KPSC) Safety Group.

Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 1997. Our mission is to provide Kingston with the support, tools, and networks to develop and maintain successful health and safety programs for the small business employer and young people in their youth transition years.

Community Focused


Our small business programming consists of sponsoring a community based, multi-sector safety group, which began in January 2003.  The success of this group is outcome based on producing and implementing five health and safety elements/components, and similar to other incentive programs, the member firms are eligible for financial rebates. The group must at all times consist of at least 40 companies who are working together to implement injury prevention programs.  The financial incentive is directly linked to the participating firms implementing the elements identified and the reduction of the frequency and severity of incidents.

We provide support to the group of firms through the leadership of several health and safety professionals, all of whom donate their knowledge and time to the group through volunteering. 


The annual registration fee of $600.00 goes towards covering the program costs which include all items related to managing the group. These costs include the funding of the Project Coordinator’s position, providing the meeting rooms, arranging for the speakers, printing of materials used for advertising the groups goals and objectives, and providing the required printed materials to the firms. In addition, to funding the administrative costs of the group, registration fees also directly enable KPSC to deliver other injury prevention programs in our community.

Annual rebates achieved by the group are divided amongst the participating member firms and are pro-rated based on their size and individual premium paid to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

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