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KPSC Safety Group

As President of Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community (KPSC), Wiebke Wilkens, Owner and Principal Consultant of Wilkens Health & Safety Solutions sponsors a Kingston, Ontario based multi-sector Safety Group.

Safety Group Program 2018

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Benefits of Joining KPSC Safety Group

We work with you to improve your firms safety results, lower your costs and help you to earn potential WSIB rebates. As a local (Kingston, ON), multi-sector Safety Group all of our meetings are held locally, and most of our member firms are local businesses, which allows for many networking opportunities.

Other benefits to joining KPSC Safety Groups include:

  • Access to health and safety resources and best practices from other participants;
  • Group sponsor with over 25 years of health & safety expertise;
  • Help with developing and managing effective health and safety programs;
  • Healthy and stable workforce;
  • Increased productivity; and,
  • Increased employee morale.

Working together and sharing their experience and knowledge, Safety Group members have collectively improved their workplace health and safety. our Safety Group has returned over $1.5 million dollars in extra WSIB rebates over our 10 years of existence to our member firms.

What do our members say about us?

  • “Access to clear, concise and up-to-date H&S information assists us in make sure our H&S program is working.”
  • “We know immediately if there are outages with our H&S plan and have continual access to resources that help us stay on track.”
  • “Excellent incentive plan.”

KPSC Safety Group gives members the tools and resources to prevent injuries and strengthen health, safety and organizational performance. For information on how you can join the KPSC 2018 Safety Group, please visit our KPSC Safety Group webpage or by contacting Katelyn Bruder at 613-546-9814 ext. 225.


Safety Groups Program Brochure

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