Health & Safety

Safety Groups Program

What is the WSIB Safety Groups Program?

Safety Groups is a performance-based rebate program developed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and sponsored by Kingston: Partners for a Safe Community (KPSC). The program offers participating firms the opportunity to receive rebates of up to 6% of the groups pooled WSIB premiums if they can collectively improve their health and safety performance and have implemented the required health and safety elements.

At the beginning of each year,  firms select five elements that they believe are specific to their organization's needs and will improve their health and safety performance. Firms will learn how to implement these elements through "Five Steps to Managing Health & Safety" as well as at the sponsored meetings and through the sharing of ideas and resources with other firms in their safety group.

Five Steps to Managing Health & Safety:

  • Set a Standard
  • Communicate the Standard
  • Provide necessary training
  • Evaluate
  • Make Improvements and Acknowledge Success 

At the end of the year, the safety group can receive a rebate based on the entire group's success in implementing their selected safety elements, and improving their collective health and safety performance.

Successful implementation, as determined by a WSIB validation audit, makes the group eligible for a maximum 6% rebate of the groups pooled premiums based on achievement and performance.


To participate in the Safety Groups Program, a firm is required to:

  • Be a Schedule 1 firm paying premiums to the WSIB.
  • Be in good standing with the WSIB.
  • Have commitment from the owner or senior management.
  • Be committed to the participating in the program for at least one calendar year.
  • Create and nurture a safety culture in the workplace.
  • Not be a member of the Safe Communities Incentive Program (SCIP).

For information on how you can join our 2018 Safety Group, please visit our KPSC  - WSIB Safety Groups webpage