Health & Safety

We've had an incident... Now what?

We provide assistance to those businesses that have had the unfortunate experience of having had too many incidents and injuries and find themselves in non-compliance with the Ministry of Labour and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) regulations.

Non-compliance with regulatory requirements carries with it severe penalties, which can often cause a business to suffer great financial losses. Typical first convictions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act carry with them a penalty of $65,000 to $80,000, with the maximum fine being $500,000.00 per contravention for a corporation. WSIB penalties range from being assessed a surcharge to being required to pay the entire cost of the claim.

For those businesses that find themselves in a reactive situation, we offer the following services:

  • Full health and safety program development, which will allow your workplace to comply with the requirements of a WSIB Workwell Audit.
  • Incident investigation to allow the true root cause of an incident to be identified, thus allowing your business to prevent a recurrence.
  • WSIB Claims management, including the development of an early and safe return to work plan, allowing the total impact of the incident to be mitigated, reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Advice on how to respond to orders issued by the Ministry of Labour and cost effective strategies on how to comply with those orders.

By letting our team at WHSS assist your business in the development of a strategic solution to your non-compliance issue, we can help mitigate the negative impact and help your business demonstrate due diligence compliance. We can help your business change a reactive response into a proactive solution.