Health & Safety

Preventative Services

We provide health and safety consulting services to all sectors. The Owner/Principal Consultant has particular expertise within the Industrial, Service, Retail, Education, Research, and Health Care sectors.

Many businesses are now being asked to provide proof of their business' commitment to health and safety before other corporations will do business with them. By having a proactive approach in managing your health and safety program it will allow you to have a competitive advantage.

Occupational Health and Safety issues should be addressed in all areas of a business' management system and should not be a special "add on".

To help our clients achieve this, we provide the following proactive services:

  • Evaluation of existing health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Develop new or modify existing programs to establish a cost effective health and safety management system, unique to your business.
  •  Train your management and supervisory staff.
  •  Manage your Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) costs; identify strategies to maximize your savings and rebates under the various experience rating systems.
  • Link your business to cost effective resources available from the various Safe Workplace Associations and the community.

By letting our team at WHSS assist your business develop the necessary policies, programs, and management practices, we can help your business prevent the incidents which can lead to unnecessary injury or illness and help establish a workplace in compliance with the regulatory requirements. Being able to demonstrate your proactive compliance strategies saves your business valuable financial resources as well as gives your business a competitive edge.