Health & Safety


Most business owners do not have the time or resources to manage their health and safety system on their own.

Today's reality is:

  • The average cost of a claim due to a workplace incident is more than $78,000.
  • The indirect costs associated with an incident, is a minimum of four times the direct cost, which appears on an employer's  Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) cost statement.
  • Business owners are expected to know and comply with all requirements under the legislation.
  • 25% of all businesses are paying a surcharge to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board due to higher than average incident and injury rates within their sector.
  • Most workplaces do not take advantage of the maximum rebates available to them under the WSIB incentive programs.


How can WHSS assist your business?

  • Provide your business with expert 'one stop' advice and guidance on all matters relating    to the occupational health and safety needs affecting your company.
  • Evaluate your existing health and safety systems.
  • Develop new or modify your existing programs to establish a cost effective health and safety management system, unique to your business.
  • Train your management and supervisory staff.
  • Manage your WSIB costs, identify strategies to maximize your savings and rebates under the various experience rating programs.
  • Link your business to resources available from the various Safe Workplace Associations and other Community resources.
  • Prepare your workplace for an upcoming Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Workwell Audit.