Health & Safety

Health and Safety in the workplace continues to be a critical issue facing all workplaces.

Recent reviews of provincial and federal legislation continues to point to the need for workplaces to have programs in place that lead to a strong “Workplace Health and Safety Culture”.

  • How does a business create this?  By having the following key elements in place:
    • Competence  - employers who have the appropriate knowledge and training, not just for themselves but for their supervisors and employees;
    • Commitment  - employers who provide the leadership and tools to their management teams and employees to establish and maintain a safe working environment; and,
    • Capacity – workplaces that have the adequate resources for preventing injuries, and the ability to know where and when to get more help.

Contact the trained professionals at Wilkens Health and Safety Solutions and allow us to assist your business achieve these three key components.  Learn more about our services by reviewing our Consulting, Training and Resource capabilities.