Employment Standards

Preventative Services

Wilkens Health & Safety Solutions (WHSS) provides employment standards consulting services to all sectors.

Why Choose Our Services?

  • Expertise: Our Employment Standards Consultant has 17 years of experience in advising employers and employees with regards to their rights and obligations under the Employment Standards Act.

  • Relevance: Employment Standards issues should be addressed in all areas of a business’ management system and should not be a special “add on”.

  • Customized HR Solutions: WHSS will develop all necessary policies and procedures as part of the development of your Human Resources Manual. Each manual is customized to the client's specific workplace and needs.

By letting our WHSS team assist your business in developing the necessary policies, programs, and management practices, we can help your business avoid costly and time consuming investigations, and creates a strong foundation in your workplace. Being able to demonstrate your compliance strategies saves your business valuable financial resources and gives your business that competitive edge.