Why Learning Opportunities in Health and Safety and Employment Standards Will Improve Your Workplace

Employee training and learning opportunities often rank low on the priority list of a busy organization. That said, a workplace where employees are encouraged to continuously learn and grow is very important for employee development and retention. 

When designing your employment program (this includes your health and safety program and workplace standards) always incorporate opportunities for both workers and management to learn and update their training. The result will be better prepared, happier and more confident employees and an overall safer work environment.

Health and safety and employment standards initiatives should take a leading role when it comes to employee training and learning opportunities. Below are three reasons why continued learning opportunities in legislated requirements will improve your workplace:

  1. Consistency Increases Safety

If a workplace has a set human resources program with regular refreshers and update courses in place, all employees will be on the same page. Having the most up-to-date training is especially crucial when it comes to nurturing a healthy, safe and compliant workplace and can literally be a life or death matter in many workplaces.


  1. Clear Lines of Communication

Communication is key, especially when it comes to nurturing a compliant workplace. Continually updating programs and retraining employees will improve communications and create a positive culture in your workplace. The end result will be the development of a positive “health and safety culture”. Communication surrounding safety in the workplace should stem from senior management and trickle down to those on the ground floor.


  1. Motivated Employees

Employees who are given the opportunity to continually learn and be trained in the workplace will feel more appreciated and valued. Achieve this through employment standards training to ensure an equitable environment and compliant workplace. A happy and motivated employee who feels their safety and equity has been invested in, will be an asset to your business.

Are employee training updates low on the priority list at your organization? Consider revamping the learning opportunities you provide your employees today.