New Initiative to Promote Health and Safety in Ontario Workplaces

WSIB Launches Public Awareness Campaign about Noise Induced Hearing Loss in February 2017

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a preventable condition. This is why the WSIB has chosen to increase public awareness of NIHL; so that people can make better decisions surrounding their exposure to noise at work and will hopefully protect their hearing for life.

The campaign will run throughout February 2017 and will use online videos in addition to Facebook and Twitter posts to illustrate the impact hearing loss can have.

An interactive website - - is also being promoted. The website allows for people to see how their hearing compares to the average person and to find out “how old their ears are”.

Along with the WSIB, at WHSS we encourage you to check out these resources and protect your ears so you don’t lose the sounds you love: